Business & Tax Planning

Shein Phanse Adkins P.C. ’s tax attorneys represent clients in federal and state income tax, and estate, trust and gift tax matters. We regularly advise business clients at every phase of the business cycle, from planning and start-up through operation and dissolution. Shein Phanse Adkins P.C. handles compliance with tax laws and regulations at the federal, state and local levels. The firm’s professional services include:

  • Entity formation and operation
  • Partnership tax
  • Business combinations and spin-offs
  • Sophisticated corporate transactions
  • Real estate transactions, including –
    • Like-kind (Section 1031) exchanges
    • Prevention of dealer status
    • REIT-related transactions
    • Low income (Section 42) housing
  • C-Corporation conversions (Net unrealized built in gain)
  • Unrelated business income for charitable organizations
  • Debt restructuring and debt forgiveness
  • U.S. taxation of foreign businesses and individuals
  • U.S. taxation of foreign-source income
  • Speculative builder tax
  • Partnership and joint venture structures involving U.S. and Canadian entities
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax-advantaged borrowing
  • Sales and use tax

Our goal is always to structure and implement practical solutions that meet our clients’ business requirements, while minimizing tax burdens and maximizing profitability. Proper tax planning is a critical component of this undertaking.